Churchers College

In 1722 Richard Churcher made provision for a school to be established in Petersfield, to educate 12 boys from the age of 9-14 in maths, arithmetic, writing and navigation. The school now has over 900 pupils.

 Churcher’s College opened in 1730 in Petersfield with 9 boys to be educated in maths and navigation principally, in order to serve in ships sailing to the East Indies. The first Master received £40 pa. There were disagreements between one headmaster and the Jolliffe family who controlled the town, resulting in a 20 year court case.

The school moved to a new site in 1881 on Ramshill, Petersfield, thanks to the generosity of William Nicholson, a governor, who gave the land. The college reopened in 1881 and had both academic and sporting emphasis. The Churcherian magazine began in 1913, rugby was introduced, as were houses and the prefect system. Coeducation came in 1988 when girls were admitted at the age of 11, and boarding came to an end in 1998. The coed day school now has over 900 pupils.

The archives started in 2005, with registers, photographs and Old Boys’ memorabilia. The school website is, and digitized copies of the Churcherian magazine from 1913-1980 can be accessed there via Old Churcherians.