Grant to Skate Southampton

Skate Southampton needed funding to support the digitisation of the Don Brider photography collection, and HAT awarded £500 to make this happen. The collection dates from the 1980’s and looks to save and share this material more widely through digitising it. 

This is a useful reminder that even relatively recent material (40 years ago) can degrade through use, or being too hot, too cold, or enduring damp storage conditions – might it be time to look at your own archive?

You think you know your county but had you realised skateboarding had a UK leader in Don Brider and his colleagues, and Hampshire was a hotbed for this then ‘new’ sport. 

This is sport by the way that will feature in the Tokyo Olympics 2020/2021 for the first time.

Skate Southampton intends to take these digitised images to the community through exhibitions and displays, and digitise more material including film when possible.