Set Up, Add or Edit Your Event

Once you have registered for your group to contribute to the HAT Calendar you can then set up your first event, add further events, or edit an existing event. If your group is not registered or if you are unsure log in and click HERE.

If you have any queries or are experiencing any deliveries please do not hesitate to contact the HAT website coordinator at

Add/Edit an event

Use the Add/Edit Event link to set up, add or edit an event  

The page has three listings for you to access which shows the status of your events:

  1. Upcoming events: these are your events which have been approved and have yet to take place
  2. Pending events: these are events yet to be moderated or deleted
  3. Past events: Past events you have entered which you may want to access if they are likely to occur again

All the events that you create, whatever their status, are displayed on this page and, apart from the HAT administrator(s), only you will have access to it.  This will be empty when you first access it.

Note that before the event is displayed on the HAT Calendar events page accessible to the public, it needs to be approved by a HAT administrator (This is to protect HAT and you from any unintended issues or misleading information around wording etc).  Events will be moderated and approved, any queries will be raised with you prior to appearing on the events listing. HAT checking will take up to a week so please post no less than 2 weeks ahead of the event.  You can also use this page to edit your entry, say informing people of a change of date, venue etc.

To create your first event, we suggest that you check whether the location of the event is already registered within the HAT Calendar system. Use the Locations  link to check or add a new location(see below)

To create your first event entry, click on the “Create New Event” button on the top right of the screen.

To add further events, you can use the “+” on this page to duplicate the event so that you do not have to re-enter information.  

If you delete an event, it stays on the pending listing until it is finally deleted by the HAT administrator.

When creating an event, you can either choose an existing location – options will be displayed once you start typing in the location name field or you can reset the location form and create a new location.  Alternatively you can create a new location separately.

Location of events

You can use the Locations link to view event locations already entered for other groups, and add a location. Note that you are only able to delete or edit your location but you can see existing locations in order to promote re-use.

In order to cater for the increasing number of virtual events, either via Zoom or webinars, HAT have added a “No location” option. This is accessed by clicking the down arrow on the right hand side of the Location box in the top half of the Add/Edit Event screen.

You can create a new location by clicking on the add new button

The new location will then be available for you when entering  a new event using the Add an event link.


There is an opportunity to use images (remember you, the event organisers, are responsible for ensuring these images have copyright consent or are copyright free) in your entries images :

The thumbnail image: This will the image appearing on your entry on the Calendar Event list which can be seen by any visitor to the HAT website.

It is easy to upload directly from any of your file directories.

If possible use images that are 300 x 375 pixels for the event image thumbnail. The limit is 5Mb.