Annual General Meeting 2019

The minutes of last year’s meeting were read and approved. Sue Woolgar, Secretary,  presented the Treasurer’s report for 2018-19 for him in his absence, and was able to note a healthy financial position. The main change from earlier years was some increase in administration costs, due in part to the website, and also the successful grant programme which saw the Trust awarding just over £27,000 in January 2019. The grant activity will bring financial pressures to the Trust’s finances over time and Trustees will be looking at ways to secure additional funding.

Charlotte Bailey as vice chairman presented the Chairman’s report in his absence. The Chairman’s report covers the period since the last AGM and the Annual Report the last financial year 2018-19, the latter is our submission to the Charity Commission. She highlighted some points made in the report (tabled at the meeting and available on the website) in particular the launch of the new website in a well-attended and successful launch event on 31 May. It is predicted to run at some 30,000 visitors a year based on initial months of activity. All were encouraged to visit the site and particular thanks were given to trustees David Spurling, assisted by Barry Shurlock, who have guided a great transformation. She also noted the success of the revitalised grants programme and its contribution to worthwhile and exciting projects and thanks went to Sue Woolgar for leading this programme.  Thanks were also given to the events team and other volunteers who contribute to the Trust in many ways

The President commended the Trust on a year of significant achievement and activity, the meeting unanimously adopted the accounts and annual report for submission to the Charity Commission.

The meeting went on to elect Charlotte Bailey, Barry Shurlock and Sue Woolgar as trustees for a 4 year term, and appointed Martins as auditors.

The last report to the meeting was an update on grants awarded by the Trust since the last AGM, followed by two presentations, one for a project near completion and the other mid project at the time of the AGM.  Michael Blaksted of East Meon Local History Group gave an inspiring illustrated report on their publication ‘Farming the Valley’ published on 28 November 2019. This was the culmination of many years of research by the Group, and they are to be commended for their work. Zoe Viney of Hampshire Record Office then reported on their project ‘Working in Shadows’ which screened footage from inside the Newbury factory which produced Spitfire components. A number of screenings of this archival footage took place across the county from September to December 2019. In both cases the projects reached out to communities not usually involved in archives, and the Trust is delighted to be associated with this work and new audiences.

The business meeting was followed by a delightful talk by Churcher’s archivist Gillian Clarke about the creation and development of the College, with lively accounts of the characters who played key roles. There is a full account of her talk on the Trust’s website

 There is a full set of papers relating to the meeting available

The Treasurer’s report and statement of accounts – tabled at the meeting 

The chairman’s report – tabled at the meeting

Draft minutes of the meeting 

Papers provided in advance of the meeting