God`s House Tower Southampton

The Trust has recently awarded a grant for an exhibition about its use as a goal and a publication about the building itself.

God’s House Tower – once part of Southampton’s medieval walls – is being turned into an arts and heritage venue with a cafe and elevated views of the city.

The 700-year-old tower in the centre of Southampton, the subject of a £2.7M refit to bring it back into public use , will reopen in 2019.

The project has utilised archives to find material to use for interpretation and exhibition, to tell the tower`s 700 year history.

God’s House Tower was one of the original gateways to medieval Southampton, it later was used as the main town prison in from the 17th century until the mid 19th century.

The last man hanged on the gallows on Southampton common spent his last night in the prison. In the 20th century it was the town’s archaeology museum.