Care and Conservation of Archives

Many archives are hundreds of years old and may have suffered neglect, or have been damaged by water, fire or insects, but they can often be repaired and preserved for future generations.

The Hampshire Archives Trust have supported the work of conservators to rescue and give new life to old archives.

The Trust is happy to support, where it can, projects that result in the saving of archival material so that it can be seen and used by future generations.

There is some excellent advice available via the following links.

Looking after archives: Advice previously available on the Hampshire Record Office website covering the care of documents, photographs, digital records, film and sound.

Care and Conservation of Archives: Downloadable pdf covering the care and conservation of documents and archives by the Institute of Conservation, including contact details.

Digital preservation: The Community Archives and Heritage Group (CAHG) has developed these guidelines for community archives. The aim is to provide a practical introduction to digital preservation.